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Building you a website that will grow your business.

We can build you a website that you can be proud of and one that will drive business.

Your website must be more than eye-catching, it must also be great at attracting enquiries and revenue. That will be our primary focus for you as it is with all of our clients. We care about results and want a long term partnership with you.

There is no one size fits all approach with us and you can be assured that your bespoke solution will be tailored specifically to match your aspirations and requirements as well as ensuring it looks great and is very fast across all devices and screen sizes.
Mobile friendly website design on multiple devices

Complete Professional Website Services

What You Can Expect

Bespoke Design

A custom website for your business. Not some dodgy template or theme

Enquiry Focussed

Ensuring that there are clear call to actions and inclusion of event and goal tracking

SEO Friendly

All our sites are built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimisation in mind

Fully Responsive

Mobile friendly modern designs that will look great across all devices

Client Updates

Add or modify content in a very easy to use interface with full training available

Super Fast Hosting

Quality servers and streamlined code ensuring a fast, snappy visitor experience

Safe and Secure

Full off-site backups every 6 hours with daily virus and malware scans

Monthly Reports

We monitor site traffic, visitor interaction and performance in Google search rankings

Web Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We have extensive experience in creating sites of all shapes and sizes. From simple one-page small business sites through to much larger sites with hundreds of pages and with extensive dynamic functionality.

We can advise what may be best suited for your particular business niche. Typical functionality that you would find on a site could include (but is not limited to) : 
  • Content about your company and the services you offer
  • Filterable image galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Before / after Images (perfect for tradespeople)
  • Integration with 3rd party providers such as Mailchimp
  • An e-commerce solution / online shop
  • Ability to take online payments / donations
  • A membership site / forum 
  • A blog / latest news section
  • Integration with social media
Some large sites have all of the above and much more and will be updated by multiple staff members. Others will have very basic functionality and the content will rarely change. Whatever you are thinking about, just get in touch and let's talk about your project.
The majority of sites we create use the WordPress platform which is a robust Content Management System that powers over 60% of all websites on the internet.

WordPress is a platform that is ever improving. It has a vast ecosystem of add-ins and an extensive community of users and contributors that are constantly making improvements to its core software. This is not some piece of obscure software that you  would struggle to get support for in the future. You can have confidence that your website is using an 'industry standard' solution.
Absolutely not! .. even our lower budget sites are designed from scratch.

Based on your branding, your personal likes and dislikes and maybe what your competitors are doing, we will come up with a design that is just for you. With larger projects we can offer multiple design concepts and together can explore ideas.

If you already work with a graphic designer and want a specific look, we are able to accommodate this too and are happy to work to existing designs in Photoshop / Figma etc.
If you want to, then yes!

Depending on the functionality of a site, many customers will want to be able to add news items, special offers, update team members, testimonials, add case studies or projects, manage products etc and all of this will be possible in the control panel of the site. On some larger sites customers want to be able to add whole new sections and pages. Full video training can be made available to run through all the site functionality and you will be able to refer to it at any time through your control panel dashboard.

In contrast, many of our customers really have no desire to make their own updates and when they want a change made to the site they simply ask us to make it. Either / both are absolutely fine and we can discuss your particular needs as part of the project implementation.
Vovi operates their own powerful servers which will be much more performant than regular hosting you might have come across like GoDaddy, SiteGround, Ionis etc.

In order for us to fully manage all aspects of our customer's sites we need full 'root' access to the server. We only get this by running our own servers. We can install a site on your existing hosting, but in doing so we will no longer be able to support various aspects of it and so you would be at the mercy of the hosting company should there be any issues.

One of the services we offer and encourage is a website maintenance package which will give you complete peace of mind and a pro-active approach to managing your site. We are unfortunately only able to offer this service if your site is hosted by Vovi.
Yes! ... once you have paid for it, it's your site and you can do whatever you want with it, including moving it to another host.

On handover we will supply you with logins to the site, one of which will have full admin access.

We will never hold your site hostage or anything else unsavoury. We will hold no intellectual rights on it with the site 100% belonging to you.
This really does depend on multiple factors. Primarily the size and complexity of a site is what determines the price. Costs are agreed at the start of the project with no hidden fees.

The sort of things that will affect price are:
  • The number of pages that need to be designed and added.
  • Additional functionality like an online shop / payment gateway.
  • Any specific required bespoke functionality.
  • If we need to offer additional copywriting / image sourcing services.
  • If the customer wants to be able to make site changes and if so, how extensive.
  • If the customer needs training videos.
  • The expected traffic volumes on the site. This impacts the choice of hosting options and whether the site will need to be on its own server.
Prices start at around £800 for smaller, less functional sites and are on a sliding scale from there. Very large and complex sites can be in excess of £5,000
If Vovi is hosting your site then there is an additional hosting fee. This comes in the form of either an annual fee or as part of a monthly maintenance plan.

Depending on traffic volumes a hosting only package starts at £150 per year.

For peace of mind and pro-active site management, most of our clients choose a monthly maintenance plan which incorporates hosting, full support, patching, security and detailed monthly reporting for a fixed monthly fee. Depending on site traffic, the complexity of the monthly reporting and the number of staff that may need support, website maintenance plans start at £40 per month.

Further details of hosting options can be found on our Hosting and Maintenance page.
Most clients prefer to manage their own domains, but if you need us to, we are more than happy to register and manage all aspects of any business domain on your behalf.
If you need one and want them, then yes we are happy to provide multiple IMAP / POP3 email mailboxes and aliases to help you manage your business as part of your hosting.

Where required, full access instructions will be provided.
When a project is agreed there is a standard deposit of 30% required at the project outset. The remaining 70% is paid on completion. On particularly large sites there may be other stepped payments along the way but this is all agreed at the start.

Payment by Bank Transfer is preferred but we do accept credit / debit card too.

We do not generally offer payment terms but would be willing to discuss this as an option where required.
If your question isn't answered above, then please feel free to ask.
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