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Having a great looking website is only the first step to growing your business. You also need visitors and for those visitors to then turn into customers. At Vovi we can help you to find, engage and convert more of your website visitors allowing you to plan and grow your business. Let us help you with:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  making on page changes to your site to increase relevance for your target keywords and locality.


Copywriting – Create quality content on your site in the form of articles and bog posts to increase your search engine relevance.


Advanced Analytics – Understand your visitors and how they use your site and then engage in content split testing. Find out what works!


Manage paid for advertising in the form of Google AdWords, Remarketing and Facebook Advertising.

Knowledge = Power

Do you understand the intent of your website visitors? It is impossible to tailor your website to convert visitors to customers unless you actually understand what they are looking for and how they are interacting with your website.


Knowledge comes from data. Let us help you gain and then take advantage of that knowledge.

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Get more customers through your website using techniques that work. Investigate our services below:

Search Engine Optimisation

Where your website ranks within the Google search results (organic placement) is absolutely critical. Anything other than being on the first page will generate low volumes of traffic and the difference between being 1st and 10th is enormous.

Having identified your target keywords and phrases we will make copy changes to increase the relevance of the pages in question. We will ensure that all the required behind the scenes titles, descriptions, meta tags and snippets are present to encourage better google indexing and improved relevance.

Depending on your target audience we will ensure you appear on Google Map results and we will target locality keywords to ensure your local customers find you.

We will track your placement daily to keep a close eye on the impact of any changes and continue to tweak and change things as required.

Need more customers? – Give us a call.

Knowledge IS POWER

Using advanced analytics, we can track every aspect of your website and its visitors. We can know how they arrived on the site and then how they interacted with it – even to the extent of knowing how far down the page did they scroll and where did they hover their mouse. By creating a wealth of tracking events we can actively identify actions we want a visitor to make and set these as measurable goals.

If all you currently know is how many people come to your site, you do not have enough information to make informed strategic decisions. Did you know that a large percentage of your visitors will likely not even be real people but automated bots? To make good choices you need good, clean data and we can setup the necessary filters to block erroneous data that will muddy the waters.

We are experts in dealing with very large data sets and we can extract and advise on what is really happening on your site.

Knowledge is indeed power, so let us use our expertise to help you gain that knowledge.

Google Adwords (PPC)

Even being ranked number one on the organic listings does not actually put you at the top of the page. Google gives the first 2 or 3 results to paid advertisers. Being 1st can actually mean being 4th!

This means it is often prudent to also run a PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords campaigns alongside any SEO initiatives to really target your audience. We can advise you on exactly what Google Adwords is and how it works and then actively help you setup a Pay Per Click campaign.

If you are already using or have tried Adwords in the past, let us take a look at your campaigns. Done badly, Google Adwords can lead to a lot of wasted money, so it is imperative any campaign is both targeted and closely monitored to ensure you get the very best return on every penny that you spend.

If you want traffic quickly, consider buying it! – Your competitors will most likely be using Adwords, can you afford not to? Let us help you navigate the minefield that is Google Adwords.


Facebook Ads are in incredible way to raise the profile of your brand, product or service but it relies on good distribution. How do you get your Facebook content in front of more people? And not just any people, the right people — your target audience.

Using insights data that Facebook makes available we can learn various nuances about your specific target audience to create even more targeted ads and craft messages that you know will connect with your prospective customers.

It’s all about good data and knowing what is possible. Let us guide you.

If you are considering in investing in Facebook advertising, maybe for the first time then give us a call to discuss your aspirations.


Poorly written or insufficient copy on a website can have a hugely negative impact on a websites’ ability to rank well in Google. We offer a professional copywriting service where we can either research and write material from scratch or take your words and craft them into something that Google will consume.

Adding extra copy can take the form of expanding existing pages, but it can also entail creating new content as articles, guides or news stories, maybe after setting up a blog area on your site.

Google is all about relevance and to establish relevancy it needs content that matches your target keywords. Let us help you increase your relevance and therefore increase your ranking.

Do you send out email newsletters, or perhaps even printed materials? If you think they could benefit from being professionally written, then get in touch.

We all have a story to tell – the key is how you tell it.


Split testing is the act of running design experiments with your website. Maybe you have a contact form and you have noticed that only a very small percentage of visitors to that page are actually getting in touch. You wonder if its the design of that page or form that is the problem. Test it!

With A/B testing we can run a simultaneous test on design ideas. For a period of time half of your visitors see design A and the rest see design B. Which one performed better? If it was the new design you have just increased the number of enquiries simply by upping that font size and changing that green button to a red one! – If you had not performed the experiment you would never have known that those two minor things would make a difference.

This is a simple example, but it highlights the idea of experimenting with your site. Let us help you discover the optimum layouts and design to achieve your goals.

A/B Testing can be applied to your website, your email marketing campaigns and your Adwords campaigns. There is always room for improvement and so running simultaneous tests is a powerful technique to tweak your marketing efforts.

Fancy giving this a go? – get in touch


If you have a defined path or funnel you want your visitors to traverse on your website we can setup goals using website events that track what a visitor has done. An example of this might be adding something to a shopping cart, checking out, subscribing to a mailing list, downloading a brochure, filling in a contact form. Anything that allows us to identify that the visitor has done something you wanted them to do – they reached one of your goals.

Conversion is where we track how many people go from being a causal visitor to reaching one of these goals. We can identify a conversion rate for that goal and then using analytics, segment these people into groups.

Conversion optimisation is where we look to increase the conversion rate for a certain goal and for a particular segment of visitor. We do this by applying a mixture of other techniques such as A/B testing, Advanced Analytics and SEO.

By applying all we have learned we aim to increase conversions rates.

For example, let’s say our site gets an average of 1000 visitors per day and the stats show that on average 5 people make an online enquiry. That’s a conversion rate of 0.5% for enquiries. Of those enquiries our records show that on average 2 out of every 5 enquiries (40%) leads to a sale and our average sale value is £100

So for our original 1000 visitors we can calculate that that is likely to generate sales to the value of £200

Now, imagine if by applying SEO techniques we increase the website search placement and traffic increases by 10% to 1100 visits a day – using the same maths the site now makes sales of £220 a day

If at the same time by applying A/B techniques we establish that we get more contact form enquiries by changing the contact form to make it look more modern and simpler to complete. We now get on average 7 enquiries a day. In this scenario the increased 1100 visitors now generates £280 a day – an increase of 40% from the original £200. This was achieved just by focusing on SEO and the user experience on the site.

Does this sound like something that interests you? – Give us a call


Have you ever felt that you were being followed around the internet by a particular advert? That advert will likely be for a product or service from a  site you recently visited. That is re-marketing and it involves targeting visitors using cookies and taking various opportunities to remind them of your service when they are on other sites, hoping that perhaps this time they will bite.

It has been statistically proven that re-marketing increases the likelihood of a conversion/sale which is why it is so used across the internet by marketers and you will likely come across it daily.

We have experience in re-marketing and its various uses on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook and affiliate networks and are happy to advise on how you do it.

If you are interested in re-marketing, then please get in touch


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