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Having a great looking website is only the first step to growing your business. You also need visitors and for those visitors to then turn into customers. At Vovi we can help you to find, engage and convert more of your website visitors allowing you to plan and grow your business. Let us help you with:
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) making on page changes to your site content and structure to increase relevance for your target keywords and locality.
Content marketing – create quality content on your site in the form of articles and blog posts to increase your search engine relevance.
Advanced analytics – understand your visitors and how they use your site and then engage in content split testing. Find out what works!
Conversion optimisation - identify and streamline your customer journey. Use the power of data to inform your decision making.
Manage paid for advertising in the form of Google Ads, Remarketing and Facebook advertising campaigns.
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Tracking and Advanced Analytics

Knowledge = Power

Do you understand your website visitors
Business information comes from data gathering and then interpretation of that data. There is no need to guess and then make hopeful changes to remedy issues. Instead do active tracking of customer interaction with your website and empower yourself with real world data.

We can track individual mouse moves and browser scrolls to understand exactly how a visitor is seeing and then interacting with every element of your site. Ask yourself:-
Do you really understand the intent of your website visitors?
Do you have measurable goals and calculated conversion rates?
Do you know what each visitor to a certain area of your site is actually worth to you?
Do you understand the route potential customers take through your website and where they enter and leave?
Do you know exactly where the pinch points are that are hindering conversions?
Well, you can know all this and more with the right tracking in place so that you can confidently make strategic business decisions based on actual data .... no more 'gut-feels'.
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An underperforming website, or ad campaign means lost opportunities and lost profits. High bounce rates mean your visitors aren't inspired to perform the action you need them to!

We help our clients to understand how to significantly improve the performance of their website, their online presence and their entire digital marketing strategy.

Our free, no obligation website and digital marketing review identifies missed opportunities that can transform your marketing, helping you to outperform your competitors in search engines, social networks and overall performance.
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