Don’t get locked into Wix

Don’t get locked into Wix

I was recently asked to help out in moving an e-commerce store that was in Wix to Woocommerce in Wordpress and boy did it open a can of worms! I understand the attraction of sites such as Wix and Weebly with their promises of DIY websites and I can see that they do...

How Safe is Your Data?

I am constantly surprised by how casual so many people are regarding backing up their data. In my dealings with individuals and small businesses, one of the first questions I ask will be about data backups and time and again I find that not only is there not a backup...

Why you should consider a Maintenance Plan

Another one of our clients has just moved over to a monthly maintenance plan for their website to give them the peace of mind they were looking for. As their business has grown they have rightly realised that their website is one of their most important assets and...

Single Page Website for Local Plumber

We recently launched a simple, but very effective one page website for a local plumbing and heating company in Aberystwyth - https://aberystwythplumber.co.uk We handled the whole project so that in this case the client had very little to do other than explain to us...



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