Why you should consider a Maintenance Plan

Another one of our clients has just moved over to a monthly maintenance plan for their website to give them the peace of mind they were looking for. As their business has grown they have rightly realised that their website is one of their most important assets and they simply cannot afford for there to be any problems with it.

Managing the back end aspects of a website is not rocket science but it is also not something the average client wants to have to worry about. There are updates to apply else you risk the site being compromised by a security vulnerability that may come to light with WordPress or one of its plugins. Applying these updates can sometimes break a site so the client needs to be comfortable taking a backup and being able to restore from that backup in the event of a failure. A website maintenance plan means we will take care of all of this for you so that you can be rest assured that the site is always up to date and secure, plus with daily malware scans if anything bad was to happen it would be highlighted straight away; and with two backups performed daily the site is perfectly safe.

If you want to know how a site is performing  you really need to keep track of your website analytics. This means regularly monitoring Google analytics and tracking progress over time. This is a hassle for most clients and so for those with a maintenance plan we provide a monthly report on how things are going.

A website needs visitors and to get them you need to rank well in Google search results. If a client wants to know how their site is ranking they will need to perform the searches themselves for various keywords or phrases, or alternatively pay a monthly fee to a rank tracking service. As part of our maintenance plan, we will provide a monthly report detailing the websites’s google ranking for up to 15 keyword / phrases.

A monthly website maintenance package will give you the confidence you need:

  • Daily Backups both locally and to a data centre in New York
  • WordPress and Plugin updates applied weekly to the latest patch releases
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • 24/7 Monitoring – If there is a problem we are on it in seconds.
  • A monthly report detailing website analytics performance
  • A monthly report detailing the website’s google ranking for up to 15 keyword /phrases
  • 30 minutes of our time per month to make small image and copy changes to your site as requested*
  • No additional hosting fee

* These are changes to existing content. This does not include the creation of new pages, posts or adding new functionality.

All this for a monthly fee of £35 (as at 18/11/18). This covers everything and there is no additional annual hosting fee, plus you have access to 30 mins a month of our time to help you as needed for small updates or help.

Below is a sample page from a monthly analytics report. If you are interested in moving your site to our fast hosting platform and having a monthly maintenance plan then please do get in touch

Sample Analytics Report on Website Traffic


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